How long does a build take?

Our bespoke shacks are built on site from scratch and take approximately 6-12 weeks to complete, subject to final design.

How much does a bespoke shack cost?

As a guide price, a bespoke shack can range from £2500 – £3000+VAT per sqm subject to the final design. In addition to this,  you will need to consider additional costs such as design fees and planning applications if required.

What is included in the bespoke process?

After an initial chat and a ballpark cost, it’s over to our design team to bring imagination to reality. A few sketches and some moodboards later you’ll have a unique shack designed just for you, ready for us to quote.

It’s very much a creative journey, one which we’ll take together!

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What's included in the price?

Everything! From foundations all the way through to painting and decorating, it’s all included.

An allowance for electrics and plumbing (if required) will always be included but you’ll receive a separate quote customised to suit your requirements.

Can I use my own electrician and plumber?

Absolutely, we ‘re happy to work alongside your chosen supplier.

Will my shack be heated?

All our shacks are fully insulated and have the option of electric radiators or underfloor heating.

What foundations do you use?

Depending on the ground conditions, we may use screw piles, a solid concrete slab, or concrete piling.
Piling enables us to create a solid base with little impact on the existing garden and tree roots.

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission may be required depending on your local authority, the size of your shack, the size of your garden and whether you are in a conservation area. Planning permission is always required if you live in a maisonette or flat.

Please refer to the Planning Portal for the latest guidance on permitted developments.

How long does planning permission take?

Planning permission can take 8 – 10 weeks subject to your local authority

Can you manage the planning application for me?

Absolutely! We can manage the planning process from start to finish including the application, all supporting documentation and correspondence with the local authority.

Get in touch with us for a quote for this service.

How do I get started?

Gives us a call or email us. We’d love to have a chat and find out more about your project.